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LIBLOHS is a library (driver) to control LOHS Readers (for now there is support only to 3x models... more in the future). Now it's under development and it's only for developers. (I hope a fully functional release very soon).

Version: 0.03-devel (Download here)

            - Initial release/freshmeat release
            - Developers only release
            - Code completly rewriten.
            - Added timeval struct support in lohs.c:strRX()
            - Bug Fixed: lohs.c:strTX missing strncpy()

You can find the sources and a debian package(!!!) here

I'm without a LOHS scanner right now, if you want some kind of development, please borrow a reader to me.

You can find full protocol documentation here (portuguese only, sorry )

Thanks to:
     Snape, Stormbringer, Andre, dm_, rct from hsinformatica

If you wish contact me, send a mail to igormorgado |at| yahoo |dot| com |dot| br Logo